My Search For Lucia Pamela

by Kirk Biglione
From the Arf! Arf! reissue

While I was a DJ and music director at KFSR in Fresno a friend of mine from a local record store passed Luciaís record along to me and promised it would be the strangest listening experience Iíd ever had. Aside from a couple of my favorite Residents albums, Iíd have to say he was right.

Lucia became an obsession. I had little or no information about her, and a letter to her record company in Hollywood, Florida, was returned.

After turning the search for Lucia into a station promotion (offering a reward of $5 a year for life to the person who provided facts leading to the rediscovery of Lucia), key bits of information began to drift in. Many remembered her from a long-canceled childrenís television program. Still others insisted that Lucia was a cosmetic saleswoman.

Finally, a listener gave me the address of a church-sponsored Bingo game which Lucia supposedly attended on a regular basis.

Several of us from KFSR piled into my Volkswagen and headed to the church. It was a surreal moment as we entered the bingo hall filled with elderly retired people. After several minutes of trying to explain my situation, I finally convinced the bingo caller to give me his microphone and proceeded to explain the situation to the confused crowd of senior gamblers.

In perfect form, Lucia jumped up and shouted "Bingo!"

Over the next year, I communicated with her on a regular basis. We did a number of radio interviews, including one lengthy in-depth retrospective of her entire career. Unfortunately, the tape of this show has been lost. Itís a shame considering all of the great information she divulged.

The last time I saw Lucia, she was trying to raise funds to build an amusement park, with a ride that would actually take visitors to another planet. Sheís convinced itís possible. Not such a strange proposition when you consider that she is also convinced her pink Cadillac can fly.

Into Outer Space with Lucia Pamela