Into Outer Space with Lucia Pamela

Original Liner Notes from the Gulf Stream Records Release
The reason that Lucia is putting out this album is that everybody is asking and begging her to make a recording. Now they can have her in their homes to entertain them whenever they choose to do so and have her close to them at any time they want. Well, finally she is responding to their requests, and here is the first album from LUCIA PAMELA! So prepare yourselves for great entertainment.

Now we would like to give you just a little history of this great star and entertainer: Lucia Pamela . . . She started to perform when she was four years old. She is the daughter of a very fine concert pianist, and at her first performance at the age of four she sang and played an Indian Love Song which she wrote herself, music and lyrics. At the age of five, six and seven years of age, her mother could not take her away from the piano; she had to force her away from the piano to eat. At the age of seven years she started to play concerts on the stage with her mother and also played concerts on the stage with the great piano soloist, Charles Kunkle, who was a that time one of the finest concert pianists of the world. He was equal to Paderewski, who was the greatest pianist in the world. He, himself, in person, attended one of the concerts that Lucia Pamela was playing when she was about eight years old. Paderewski was so amazed and so enthused that he went back stage and gave a note written by him to Lucia’s mother about her daughter, telling her what he thought about Lucia. In this note one of the phrases was, "your daughter is a natural born pianist, and she will be the finest pianist in the world when she grows up." Her mother has preserved this note throughout the years.

Now to go on with this story, Lucia was about twelve years old when she was playing concerts all over with Charles Kunkel who was the first cousin of the great Beethoven. As she was growing up and attending school she won a scholarship to go to college, and she chose to attend college in Germany and the name of this college was, The Beethoven Conservatory of Music and Voice. The people in charge of the conservatory in Germany, after hearing her play the piano and sing, told her mother that her daughter was already so much advanced that there was not much they could do to teach her, but we will be glad and honored to take her under our wing and have her play concerts and continue with her singing, and we would give her advice on anything she would need. This is what was told to her mother by the Beethoven Music Conservatory in Germany, the greatest in Europe.

She was elected Miss St. Louis (this is how beautiful our Lucia Pamela was and still is). She was asked directly from the great Flo Zeigfeld to be part of his great follies on Broadway, and to perform her act in the show, which she did. (Mr. Flo Zeigfeld gave a great party in honor of Lucia). She did movie picture work with the William Goldman-Skouras Bros. Movie Industry, etc., etc. So the steps on the ladder of success started to go up, up and up for LUCIA PAMELA.

We cannot continue with this story of Lucia Pamela: we have no more space to write. We will save it for the next album that will be out. We here at Gulfstream Recording Studios are very proud and honored to have such a rare talent and star like Lucia Pamela at our studios. This is the girl who is still going strong, so buy this album and make sure you see her in person wherever she is performing. It is a treat you will not forget, for she is truly one of the greatest entertainers that there ever was!

Into Outer Space with Lucia Pamela